Rediscovering the Balance of Mother nature

One particular working day, at my holistic exercise heart inside of Hawaii, I experienced embarked upon a mission in direction of crank out homeopathic samples of picked out electromagnetic frequencies inside of the reliable frequency spectrum (20 in direction of 20,000 Hz). Individuals frequencies are employed not just within reliable therapeutic, nonetheless far too inside electromagnetic therapeutic, these kinds of as Rife. Employing a specifically made frequency generator which individually techniques its personal production frequency, I proceeded towards irradiate and succuss (potentize) bottles stuffed with h2o and alcoholic beverages (ethanol) as the homeopathic carriers for Those frequencies, as consuming a attempt package of frequency pattern vials would aid id of which frequencies would make a therapeutic solution through bio-interaction, these kinds of as O-ring kinesiology, or digital meridian screening. The course of action was continuing perfectly, until eventually I uncovered a pair frequencies that would not 'lock inside of' in direction of the liquid. That is, for some rationale, I was not capable in the direction of create a solid track record wave or phonon of those people frequencies within just my classic foundation of alcoholic beverages and h2o.
What toward do?
I experienced been examining more than Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC's), and theorizing that Individuals spirit minerals (a non-steel kind of the changeover metals local community) may well be the authentic actual physical provider of homeopathic vibrations (phonons). I experienced found that People elusive minerals, prolonged the matter of alchemy, are run absent by means of sure frequencies, these kinds of as the classic 50 Hz and 60 Hz electric mains spread consequently greatly close to our globe. I puzzled if there may possibly be a frequency that such superfluid minerals may perhaps virtually be captivated via...
Hence, I very carefully started out at 0.1 Hz and labored my route up in direction of 10 Hz, tests every single 0.1 Hz increment... Almost nothing. I checked added especially at frequencies measured in direction of be connected with the entire world's harmonics, these kinds of as 7.83 Hz (1 of the Schumann resonances inside the magnetosphere)... Almost nothing. That took a When, and I uncovered it would not be handy in direction of appear the good frequency spectrum with a high-quality remedy of 0.1 Hz, thus I begun towards scan frequencies higher than 10 Hz at a remedy of 1 Hz... Nonetheless nothing at all.
Once a though, my intellect was drifting as I went throughout my paces... And then it occurred! A end result! May well it be?? As I rechecked, and triple checked, I puzzled no matter whether my wandering thoughts experienced encouraged the final result, yet no. I was ready toward reproduce the impression I was in search of. I took a crack, knowledge that at this time my exhilaration could possibly much too be impacting the innovative electricity industry I was trying to get towards keep an eye on. Upon returning, with the purpose of objectively trying to find the fact, certainly ample, I was constantly viewing the solution I was searching for at 172 Hz. Hmmm... I questioned what that could indicate, and no matter if every person else experienced explained a resonance at this frequency. I searched and searched on the web, and... very little. Sooner or later, proceeding with my on the web look, I discovered a reference that went past what I may well incorporate thought... A previous 'experiment' having this frequency that resulted within a period of time of record identified as:
A Thousand Several years of Leisure
Inside of historic China, the frequency I experienced discovered was known as the dominant harmonic frequency of mother nature. Wow! Just about every spring, copies of the frequency had been shipped out in the direction of all of the provinces in the direction of song the tradition's pursuits, these types of as audio, toward the balance of the spheres. The final result? A period of time in just Chinese record regarded as A Thousand Several years of Relaxation!
Wow! That's plenty of of a former 'professional medical demo' for me! Each time I received the opportunity toward get a tuning fork of that frequency versus a pal who travels the planet making use of reliable frequencies tuned in direction of the harmonics of the cosmos, she aware me that I may perhaps need in the direction of choose the frequency 172.06 Hz, as that would be even added auspicious. And thus, of study course, I requested, "Why is that?"
The Platonic 12 months
She spelled out that 172.06 Hz is a harmonic of the Platonic Yr, the Terrific 26,000 yr cycle fixed toward close inside 2012! It is therefore a harmonic of the galactic centre of our Milky Course dwelling within the universe, and our temporal marriage with Sidereal (galactic) season.
How appealing in direction of obtain out that the greatest variety of 'psychic' experiments at any time finished consists of been examined and Though calculated as a result of Sidereal year, the a single season of working day every time there is zero over-all sign of psychic electrical power (for distant checking out of playing cards inside a community place) is at Sidereal midday! That's every time the galactic centre is at its zenith within the sky. I consist of encouraged that the details furthermore be examined in accordance towards the place of the matter (sitting down or recumbent) in direction monster legends hack cheats of view if the pineal gland could be implicated inside resonant conversation with the galactic middle... That resolution concerning the "seat of the soul" and its orientation in the direction of psychic towards cosmic connections will incorporate in direction of be reluctant for one more working day...
Improve August 2nd, 2010
Eureka! One more breakthrough!
I pulled out my Rife frequency generator and figured out that inside my first discovery of 172 Hz my solution was just 0.1 Hz. This suggests, I was not equipped in direction of rule out both a band width together with 172.06 or a moment band at 172.06 Hz. Upon the other hand, 172.06 remaining the middle of the resonance band was dominated out by way of the truth that I did not stick to resonance at 172.1 Hz.
Therefore, the marvel right before me was what are the harmonics of People 2 frequencies within just the physiological variety, inside exclusive that of apparent mild, yet moreover maybe UV or IR. Therefore I started toward compute octaves for 172 Hz, and translating them into wavelengths as my customary referent for the mild spectrum. At some point, I arrived toward a wavelength of 589.85 nanometers (nm), which is within the vibrant orange section of the spectrum, close to yellow. I started off looking the web for references toward this certain wavelength and identified it in just experiments upon sodium (Na = Natrium) vapor lasers. Fascinating!
Future I measured the wavelength for the identical octave resonance with 172.06 Hz and arrived up with 589.64 nm. A different net look then confirmed that the 2 sodium "D" traces can be learned at 589.9 and 589.6 nm. Eureka! Of system the very same wavelengths would variety a little bit with the refractive index of the written content within just which they are identified, nevertheless, the options of this remaining a random, unrelated observation ended up statistically nil. I experienced identified durable company for a fresh principle that the dominant harmonic frequency of mother nature, and the galactic heart resonance may well be functionally associated with the D1 and D2 resonances of sodium, a dominant ion inside of the biosphere pores and skin and organisms of our drinking water globe.
A h2o item made up of sodium ions, these kinds of as the ocean or our blood and extracellular fluid, would indeed produce an preferred Faraday cage, and hence offer a risk-free haven in direction of safe and therefore, in excess of period, catch the attention of BEC's. Currently it would search that the electrons within sodium's D orbital could possibly as well act as a person antenna in the direction of url toward cosmic interaction against the galactic centre.
As a hassle-free program and a attempt of this refreshing speculation, I became my focus again towards the unique circumstance resolving that led me toward Those contemporary observations, that is, how towards extra persistently embed the quantum electric power of distinctive electromagnetic Rife frequencies into a liquid provider as strong phonons. I selected towards incorporate sodium towards my answer bases that experienced not currently labored, inside the sort of Flower of the Ocean, as it is the utmost high-quality sea salt, remaining the salt crystals that style floating upon sea drinking water evaporating in just the solar. It for that reason involves sodium alongside with the finish dietary supplement of hint minerals, and looks towards bring an quality compliment of BEC's as properly, potentially serving to demonstrate the levitation of Those crystals towards hold flotation upon ultimate of the appear strain of evaporating sea drinking water.
Confident more than enough, difficulty settled! The fresh new method permits all frequencies proven therefore significantly in the direction of be quickly and instantly succussed into a good resonance with the addition of a minimal amount of money of sodium. (Succussion, by means of the route, is significant) I determine the BEC's superconducting traits couldn't damage, and easily produce the resultant tinctures and homeopathic treatments improved, richer treatment plans, specifically for the psychological and non secular degrees. I intend towards retest with a very simple sodium remedy and look at if within truth that is technically more than enough for the affect, as a speculation. Inside of any circumstance, my speculation would be that this alternative would include a inclination towards strengthen inside BEC materials about season during superfluidity of BEC's, hence the Flower of the Ocean just delivers it a soar begin!
It is exciting towards observe that sodium, this sort of an critical, ubiquitous and oft maligned mineral, may perhaps be added beneficent and much more critical than we may well incorporate dreamed. It is surely the dominant cation inside the ocean and in just the extracellular fluid in just which our cells are living. Sodium lack can totally end a personal within their songs energetically.
A additional reflection upon sodium, is that Jap reports is made up of certainly stated that the destructive outcomes associated in direction of salt or thus termed 'sodium sensitivity' inside of truth appear against the chloride anion (which, inside affiliation with a hydrogen nucleus would make hydrochloric acid). This was mentioned via checking outcomes these as short article-prandial blood anxiety elevations within solution in the direction of salt-laden food items. Blood stress elevation is totally abated with Chitosan, an 800 yr aged fiber resolution manufactured versus the chitin in just crab and shrimp shells, previously intended through alternately bathing the fibers in just durable alkalai and acid baths in direction of take away practical categories, leaving very fast paced internet sites which bind towards significant metals, radioactive debris, petrochemicals and Chloride ions. In just real truth, Chitosan is the range one particular content applied within industrial drinking water purification considering that of the extensive spectrum of contaminants it absorbs therefore smoothly towards h2o (h2o of system is the #1 aspect in just the human system). Immediately after Chernobyl, for illustration, Chitosan was discovered towards be the highest effective solution towards pull radiation in opposition to the bodies of survivors. By now, chlorine, a halogen (alongside with Fluoride), is regarded towards be very poisonous and even fatal, no matter if as a gasoline or inside of ionic kind (this kind of as hydrochloric acid).
Viva la Natrium! Did your self comprehend that the phrase wage will come against salt? king of thieves hack Indeed, the Roman legions ended up paid out their income in just salt! With out it, they may well not march...
Refinement (August 3, 2010)
Added study displays:
A alternative of sea salt (sodium and hint minerals) that contains a higher quantity of BEC's (superconducting) converts electromagnetic frequencies in direction of phonons effortlessly through succussion (with regards to 30 succussions are successful), and retains this resonance smoothly about year.
A instant item that contains desk salt (sodium chloride with no hint minerals or BEC's) looks toward transform EMF (electromagnetic industry oscillations) in direction of phonons even a lot more proficiently than the Flower of the Ocean remedy (getting basically in excess of 10 succussions). Sad to say, the resonance fades swiftly. Much more publicity and succussions fall short in direction of develop a sound resonance routine.
Including a minor selection of natural crystalline BEC's in direction of this minute option manufactured a end result equivalent in direction of the 1st (Flower of the Ocean approach). Consequently, it appears to be like that sodium is the transducer among the EMF indication area and the BEC phonon area, although the BEC's appear to be significant as the superconductive provider for acquiring a stabilization of the quantum energies inside of strategy.
A 3rd strategy working with a dry white granular sea salt (made up of hint minerals, nevertheless maybe missing BEC's owing toward processing: BEC's present capabilities of oily moistness towards salt crystals) retained resonance for a longer period than desk salt, still was not strong. It is in all probability that there are some BEC's becoming within the processed sea salt, nevertheless not sufficient in the direction of entirely stabilize the phonons.
Further this means
The D-orbital sodium electrons (D1, D2) seem in direction of be specifically tuned towards resonate with either the galactic centre and the BEC's (mineral substrates of recognition). This promotions a contemporary medical system for knowledge the age outdated and cross cultural observation that salt is a greatest highly effective non secular medium. Inside of ages final, maximum generally accessible types of salt were being merely sunshine dried sea salt, made up of a total supplement of BEC's (as perfectly as crucial hint variables).
Optimum business salts slide small inside their potential toward extensive a strong transduction of lively communications in the direction of and versus an organism. A dwelling approach, by means of that contains an plenty of emphasis of equally sodium and BEC's seems to be properly made in the direction of get hold of and keep interaction against its fast lively globe as properly as the cosmos (check out beneath). A mindful organism contains a layout element for sending successful active symptoms in the direction of its neighborhood and cosmic planet. The a person-legged kingdom (crops) might be extra tailored in direction of receptivity than phrase, yet even their lessen sodium concentrations (in contrast toward pets) should be more than enough for receptive indicator transduction (look at, e.g. the e book The Mystery Life of Crops by means of Peter Tompkins and Christopher Chook).
Superlight Principle inside of the Unified Business
I watch the primary debris of mother nature (atoms, electrons, etcetera.) as angels, that is divinely sensible creatures wearing out divine will towards perfection. Progressive physics reveals alone straining at at any time smaller sized and extra evanescent particle/waves every time tremendous-colliders torture the angels of output out of their customary physical appearance, as they exit versus our perceptual House back again in direction of the fullness and integrity of the 'vacuum'. This sort of routines of angelic organ splatter seem to be toward add towards an bettering complexity within just our glance for knowing the character of the universe, which physics incorporates occur in the direction of understand as effectively a perceptual place. Probably if we request significantly less in the direction of independent, and further in direction of extend our scope of wondering, we will come across the unification of being familiar with that eludes us within our quest for the essentials of section.
Superlight is a principle which proposes in the direction of unify the apparently disparate forces of the revolutionary physics entire world-see. James Clerk Maxwell (1864, "A Dynamical Basic principle of the Electromagnetic Sector") is trusted for the minute fantastic unification within physics, with Sir Isaac Newton taking initiated the initial (1687, "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica"). The time period "Maxwell's equations" to begin with utilized in direction of a established of 8 equations composed through Maxwell in just 1865, nonetheless today applies towards adjusted designs of 4 of these kinds of equations that had been grouped collectively within just 1884 through Oliver Heaviside.
Maxwell's primary, unmodified equations had been fastened within just a multidimensional spot-period with far more proportions toward let for written content/conversation/recognition. The price equation contains 2 products and services, the electron and the positron. The mass equation in the same way consists of 2 expert services, the neutron and anti-make a difference. The electromagnetism equation contains basically a person 'genuine' item: light-weight. Nonetheless one more mathematically proper alternative exists, which we will get in touch with superlight. It is not mathematically 'correct', nevertheless alternatively 'imaginary' as the sq. root of a adverse quantity. Content material, interaction, and awareness are similarly not 'accurate', nevertheless rather simple and potent inside the spirit planet of imagery. Mathematically, superlight will come in opposition to the potential, and is concept toward emanate against the maximum dense products in just the cosmos, these kinds of as black holes and quasars discovered at the facilities of galaxies. Superlight mathematically, in accordance in direction of Maxwell's authentic equations, travels at the pace of light-weight squared (inside opposite season).
It is inside of this sort of added measurement, that permit for lifestyle inside our style of the universe, in just which superlight carries divine will in direction of the manufacturing as a morphic resonance industry (cf. Rupert Sheldrake), and inexorably attracts manufacturing ahead, possibly even coming up with the navigational, perceptual circulation of period alone. Those a lot more sizing are constant with some of innovative physicist's least difficult versions of how the universe could exertion, this kind of as the 10 dimensional design getting explored through the Max Plank Institute. Inside of this look at, the 2 dimensional written content area consists of the ability toward transcend the acquainted 4-D spot-period, and even the loss of life of its actual physical bio-human body in shape all through which the spirit (intended of 2-dimensional liquid crystal lattices of BEC's) positive aspects its navigational expertise. The entire health supplement of genetic material is carried in just the written content spot, and can consequently be reconstituted inside of the replicate spot of the right after-lifestyle. It might be that within just navigating in direction of a locus of more compact break up within Room, the planar liquid crystals of our souls can thoroughly incorporate into a large dimensional (e.g. 3D) liquid crystal matrix (heaven). It could moreover be that the inside reflection of this kind of navigational possibilities (of loving provider) contribute us in direction of this sort of integration within just this lifestyle as very well. As previously mentioned, hence here...
St. Nilus over the yr 400 A.D. foresaw that "Just after the yr 1900, to the centre of the 20th century... a person person can deliver upon a communication with a different in opposition to one particular finish of the world in direction of the other. At that period males will as well fly during the air together with birds and descend towards the backside of the sea which includes fish."
What could possibly be the character and which means of the coming distinction inside of cosmic polarity, as our sun process crosses the active equatorial galactic undeniable within just 2012? Prophetic viewpoints against remarkably generated souls throughout the beyond 2 millenia agree upon a selection of functions:
Changeover (3 times of darkness, fireplace towards the heavens):
Iridium, together with other BEC's may perhaps be focused within the galactic disk. BEC Iridium, as it commonly burns, would be the induce of the fireplace in opposition to the heavens. At minimum amount some of the burning Iridium could possibly get rid of into a metal sort, which would demonstrate why it is identified inside periodic levels within just equally the ice caps and the geologic history (e.g. best survival knife 2017 world wide iridium layer at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary affiliated with extinction of the dinosaurs).
Clean heavens and fresh new environment
There may well be no oceans upon the refreshing world. There may well be a recovery of the firmament, promoting a exceptionally contemporary outlook upon the heavens. Growing old may be significantly lowered. We may be respiratory a high position of BEC's generating us significantly less centered on foods. The lion would lie down with the lamb.
Digital programs may possibly not get the job done (with the prospective exception of vacuum tube technological know-how). Will the clean conformation of the solar, immediately after the a few times of darkness be shed its outer environment? Individuals minerals presently take up what would in another way be some of the highest biologically and meteorologically fast paced quanta, found as discrete dim bands within just the sunshine spectrum, recognized as the Fraunhoffer traces, such as the greatest outstanding, the paired sodium D traces.
Divine will
An strengthen within BEC match within just the biosphere may demonstrate the prophecies that survivors of the changeover will universally practical experience the divine will immediately. That quite a few could not endure these types of a cosmic upheaval is mirrored inside of prophecies that we will celebrate Though we do perspective just one a different.